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Climate Parliament

The Climate Parliament is an international, multi-partisan network of legislators working worldwide to help solve the climate crisis and accelerate the transition to renewable energy. Over several years from 2014, the Climate Parliament team laid the groundwork for the GGI. It continues to support the initiative through the GGI-OSOWOG joint Secretariat and the Green Grids Accelerator process as outlined below.

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Role in the GGI Ecosystem

The Climate Parliament is engaging legislators, the private sector and civil society to support the aims of the Green Grids Initiative as outlined in the One Sun Declaration. This engagement is made through a Green Grids Accelerators process with roles as follows:

1. Business leaders and both private and public investors, in a Climate Parliament CEO and Investor Council, explore the creation of consortia to propose and build massive solar power stations and wind farms, and long-distance transmission to bring the power to market. 


2. Legislators and governments work to deliver rapid approval for power generation sites, transmission routes, and agreed prices for power delivered. The Climate Parliament is a network of Members of Parliament and Congress promoting renewable energy and green grids. Cross-party support in national and regional parliaments will be mobilised to help green infrastructure projects advance more rapidly. 

3. Universities, think tanks, foundations and NGOs, linked through a Climate Parliament Civil Society Council, will conduct or support modelling and analysis on each clean energy highway, to help prepare the ground for investment. 

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