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Advancing DER development in SIDS

Our partners and Asia-Pacific Working Group lead, UNESCAP, today launched a working paper outlining the outcome of the first in a series of knowledge exchange sessions between Caribbean and Pacific small island developing states (SIDS) regulators. It includes relevant technical standards and requirements for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) interconnections, along with potential challenges that SIDS may encounter. The paper also presents recommendations and solutions to these challenges, as well as best practices and examples from various island countries that have already implemented DERs in their energy systems.

The paper concludes that the development of DERs provides opportunities for SIDS in addressing their unique energy challenges and driving forward the energy transition. DERs offer a decentralized and renewable energy solution that can significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy independence, and mitigating the risks associated with fossil fuel dependence.

You can read the full paper here.

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