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G20 Energy Ministerial - Chair's summary and outcomes

The Chair's summary and outcomes from last week's Energy Ministerial at the G20 have been published. The importance of green grids was emphasised:

"5. We also recognize the role of grid interconnections, resilient energy infrastructure and regional/cross-border power systems integration, where applicable, in enhancing energy security, fostering economic growth, and facilitating universal energy access for all, in affordable, reliable and sustainable manner. In particular, we recognize that expanded and modernized electricity networks will be essential to scale up the deployment of zero and low emission technologies including renewables. This entails enhanced voluntary international cooperation in coordinated planning, mutually agreed information sharing, joint research and development, technical assistance, technology development and harmonization of regulatory frameworks for design, planning and system operations. In this regard, we take note of Presidency's initiative to connect different regional grids through interconnections to transfer renewable energy power. We call for increased public and private investments, noting the important role of International Finance Institutions including Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) in supporting developing countries to exploit the full benefits of regional/cross-border interconnections, where deemed appropriate."

India G20 Energy Ministerial Meeting_ Outcome Document and Chair's Summary, with annex
Download PDF • 520KB

Transnational grids also featured in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's video address to the meeting - "Trans-national grid interconnections can enhance energy security....Realizing the vision of inter-connected green grids can be transforming. It will enable all of us to meet our climate goals, stimulate green investment, and create millions of green jobs. I invite you all to join the Green Grids Initiative – One Sun, One World, One Grid.

The Principles for Interconnectors project was presented during the Clean Energy Ministerial last week, immediately prior to the G20 discussions. You can read more about the project here.

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