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Upcoming media briefing: The $750bn story at the centre of the global energy transition

If you are interested in attending this webinar, please register here.

The defining issue of the transition to clean energies will be whether, and when, grid infrastructure has the capacity and capability to transmit, store and supply the world’s energy needs. We are not there yet.

  • Annual investment in grids needs to more than double by 2030 to $750bn, and reach over $1 trillion by 2040 for the 1.5oC pathway.

  • Global electricity grids that took 130 years to build need to more than double in length by 2040 and increase by another 25% by 2050

Since the Green Grids Initiative and it's partnership with One Sun One World One Grid was first announced jointly by the Prime Ministers of the UK and India at COP26, this issue has increasingly become central to public and political debate, and has risen up the newsroom agenda. Independent journalism has an essential role to play in the energy transition and broader climate mission: holding power to account, shining a spotlight on solutions and trailblazers, building awareness and momentum, and combatting harmful misinformation. This short introductory session will give you the opportunity to hear from BEIS and Department for Energy Security and Net Zero representatives leading on the Green Grids Initiative, providing the facts and context you need on the Green Grids mission – as well as a head start on what will be a critical topic of discussion at COP 28. If you’re a journalist covering energy, climate change or public policy this session is for you. This is a 101-level overview about the importance of regional and cross-border green grid interconnectivity, progress being made, challenges and opportunities.

What you'll learn

  • Why green grid interconnectivity is fundamental to the energy transition

  • What the Green Grids Initiative is and the progress that’s been achieved since launching at COP26

  • Who is involved and what lessons have been learned from flagship projects and the global leaders in this space so far

  • Where the opportunities are for improving the access of grid projects to finance / funding (and what are the current roadblocks)

  • How innovators are advancing new technologies to make grid interconnectivity possible

The webinar will run for 30minutes. There will be time for questions.

If you are interested in attending this webinar, please register here.

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