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Electricity Transition Playbook

Developed in collaboration with Climate Compatible Growth and with inputs from across the globe, the Electricity Transition Playbook  is a tool to help policymakers build and deliver plans to transition to a clean electricity system.

During COP28 in Dubai, 134 countries signed the Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency Pledge (Triple up and Double down) at COP28. Whilst the pledge is an important commitment, what really counts is action and delivery. A Pledge without action is meaningless. To quote Bruce Lee:

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do“

The first step to action is having a plan that adds up.

The Electricity Transition Playbook comprises 9 building blocks which are essential for developing a holistic plan.

It starts with 1. Long term vision for the energy mix, beginning with the end in mind. You need to know where you want to get to so that you can mobilise resource to get there. Once the pathway is understood it looks at the policy tools needed to move along it through 2. Law and Policy. We look at the 3. Delivery Mechanism what markets, frameworks and tools are needed to bring on low carbon power whilst ensuring reliable and secure supply. It considers the 4. Network Infrastructure required to facilitate it, covering approaches to plan and deliver as there is No Transition Without Transmission. It covers 5. Operational Requirements as system operation requires new tools and approaches to run the grid. It considers 6. Enabling Technologies, what else is required to run the power system of the future such as telecoms, big data and smart technologies. Under 7. Public Participation and Support it considers the consumers and the communities that are impacted by the transition and the importance of engaging with them. The transition is not possible without building new infrastructure and the workforce to build and run it which is covered under 8.  Supply Chain and Workforce. And finally, it must be funded so, different financing approaches are covered under 9. Finance.

These modules identify best practice approaches and case studies from around the world.

It is not some dusty textbook that once read it is left of the shelf, the Playbook is a live course that it is constantly being updated and refined as new experience is built. The course is available through the Open University platform and is being delivered in-person across the globe as a 4-day residential training event bringing participants from different countries to engage with the material, share knowledge and experience and to work with each other to develop plans for their respective countries.

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