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Lucy Pearson, Climate Parliament

15. Nov. 2022

GGI side events in Sharm el Sheikh

On Energy Day in Sharm el Sheikh, members of the Green Grids Initiative Ecosystem will present on progress made in the past year towards the initiative's core objective - to accelerate the deployment of electricity grids that can flexibly handle ever greater shares of variable renewable while meeting growing power demands sustainably, securely, reliably, and affordably. A new report on mobilising green finance for grids will be launched.

On Finance Day, the Climate Compatible Growth programme will host a side event on the GGI, organised by the Climate Parliament and with speakers including Members of Parliament from India and the UK, and the Commissioner of the California Public Utilities Commission. Panellists will discuss progress made and research underpinning the initiative, the challenges of building green grids, what needs to be done, and how by working in partnership with a multiplicity of actors, the global energy transition can be accelerated.

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