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The Electricity Transition Playbook Summer School

Marcus Stewart

3. Juli 2023

Climate Compatible Growth (CCG) together with the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has developed an Electricity Transition Playbook, with both a course and a ‘wiki-style’ teaching kit, which will be made freely available. The course will be delivered for the first time from 3-7 July 2023 in Trieste, Italy.

Electricity networks are essential for the energy transition. Delivering high volumes of renewable and low-carbon electricity is the only way to keep 1.5C in sight and have a functioning global economy. Put simply. "there's no transition without transmission".

The Playbook will guide course participants through the key steps required to successfully deliver key elements of an electricity system transition. It will use an engaging 'lectures and case studies' approach to set out the building blocks for net zero:

  • Long-term vision for the electricity mix

  • Political support and legislation

  • Network infrastructure

  • Operational requirements

  • Policy/ regulatory delivery mechanisms

  • Finance

  • Enabling technologies

  • Supply chain and workforce

  • Consumers and communities

The course will be delivered from 3-7 July at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics Joint Summer School on Modelling Tools for Sustainable Development in Trieste, Italy. Participants will bring their own case study (e.g. a country or region) to the course, ensuring practical outcomes as well as training.

Candidate selection combined past and future path-breakers to help ensure that specific insights and real challenges (not easily found in textbooks!) can be shared, tackled and noted.

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