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This portal is designed to capture the efforts of the Green Grids Initiative Ecosystem of working groups and partners. It is managed by the UK team of the GGI-OSOWOG partnership joint Secretariat


The Green Grids Initiative (GGI) aims to accelerate the construction of the new infrastructure needed for a world powered by renewable energy. That infrastructure includes massively expanded renewable energy generation capacity in energy-rich locations, connected by continental grids. It includes smart grids connecting millions of solar panels and charging points for electric vehicles, and micro-grids for rural communities and to ensure resilience during extreme weather. The GGI is underpinned by a global Ecosystem of working groups and partners.

What is the GGI-OSOWOG?

In 2021, the GGI-OSOWOG was launched by the Prime Ministers of India and the UK during the COP26 World Leaders' Summit. It brings together the UK's Green Grids Initiative and India's One Sun One World One Grid vision to form the GGI-OSOWOG partnership to tackle arguably the greatest global challenge to clean powered future: how to build and operate electricity grids capable of absorbing ever greater shares of variable renewable while meeting growing power demands sustainably, securely, reliably, and affordably.


The GGI-OSOWOG engages actors across political, finance and technical spheres to make this happen, and accelerate the delivery of transformational projects to flow clean energy across borders, enhance energy access and increase security of supply. It features as one of the leading initiatives under the ‘Glasgow Power Breakthroughs’, which aims to make clean power the most affordable and reliable option for all countries to meet their power needs efficiently by 2030.  The partnership's founding document, the One Sun Declaration, has been endorsed by over 90 countries worldwide.

The GGI-OSOWOG is co-chaired by the governments of India and the UK and overseen by a Ministerial Steering Group made up of Australia, France, India, Oman, UK and US. Working groups and partner organisations in the GGI Ecosystem operate independently with support from the joint Secretariat. 

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Why grids?

A new series, written by GGI Ecosystem members, details the critical importance of grids in the energy transition. There is no transition without transmission. 

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UK team of the GGI-OSOWOG joint Secretariat

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