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As the year begins...

At the end of 2023, we reported on the progress made since our launch at COP26 and across the global Ecosystem which continues to grow and evolve. You can read about it here. While 2023 was a milestone year for several projects and products developed by the GGI team, 2024 promises a more rapid expansion of our working groups and a step change in the management of the initiative.

An early highlight has been an impressive example of parliamentary diplomacy in Nepal by the Climate Parliament’s South Asia team, leading to the much-delayed signing of a historic power exchange agreement between India and Nepal. The agreement, signed on 4 January 2024, will substantially boost the hydropower sector in Nepal, with 10,000 MWh of electricity to be exported to India over the next decade. You can read more about the agreement here.

First up in 2024 is an in person training course on the Electricity Transition Playbook as part of CCG’s Energy Modelling Platform for Latin America and the Caribbean (EMP-LAC). The training will take place in Rio, Brazil with participants from Brazil, Dominican Republic, Panama, Bolivia, Mexico and Uruguay. Shortly after, we’ll be holding an in-person meeting of our Asia-Pacific working group, taking place from 7-9 February in Bangkok. We’ll be bringing together stakeholders from across the region to discuss, debate and define a new work programme for the group, building on the foundations laid with the Principles for Interconnectors (formally launched at COP28 in Dubai), climate finance for grids investments, and knowledge exchange for SIDS energy regulators.

We’ll be continuing to work with our core partners – AfDB, Climate Compatible Growth, Climate Parliament, National Grid, RETA, UNESCAP and others – to deliver impact at scale.

You can follow us here and on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn.

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