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Grids at COP28

COP28 has begun today in Dubai, UEA. As world leaders gather for the Climate Action Summit, our team is busy making final preparations. This year, grids are being given a bigger platform than ever before, with the now clear and resounding acknowledgement that there is #NoTransitionWithoutTransmission.

Here’s a look at all the events that the GGI Secretariat and partners are running during this year’s COP.

Sunday 3 December

Climate Compatible Growth and Transition Zero –Launch of global interconnection study ‘Cables to Change the World’

Increasing grid transmission capacity and interconnecting electricity systems is going to be vital to enable the scaling of the renewable electricity supply needed to meet international climate goals. To assess the global benefits of grid interconnection, a study has been undertaken led by TransitionZero in partnership with CCG, Dartmouth College and Simon Fraser University. This global analysis highlights how interconnection can significantly reduce the system costs of achieving a net zero global electricity system. It identifies where interconnector projects are of most value to achieving emission reductions to get to net zero, providing insights on potential future projects.

10:00-11:00 GST | Voco Bonnington Dubai, Jumeirah Lakes Towers

Monday 4 December

Climate Parliament - Green Grids Investment Dialogue

Bringing together investors, regulators and legislators to address what is needed to strengthen the framework for investment in green energy infrastructure across LMICs.

11:00-12:30 GST | The First Collection hotel, Business Bay

Roundtable: Accelerating the delivery of Transmission Infrastructure

Closed roundtable in partnership with SSE and Hitachi to focus on the supply chain challenges of delivering the clean energy future, particularly for major transmission projects.

12:00-14:00 | REA Pavilion, Blue Zone

Tuesday 5 December

COP28 Presidency Greening the Grid: Public-Private Roundtable - Building the Foundations of the Future Energy System

Supported by the Green Grids Initiative and Global Renewables Alliance, this roundtable will underscore the pivotal role that grid expansion will play in accelerating the global just transition to clean energy, highlighting the urgency of creating a future energy system fit for renewables. Put simply, there is no transition without transmission. Alongside a presentation by the IEA on their recent special report on Electricity Grids and Secure Energy Transitions, this discussion will feature interventions and announcements by government ministers, leaders of industry and finance, and international organisations. The agenda will address ways to accelerate the deployment of grids, scale up public and private grid investment, and foster greater international collaboration – while ensuring that no one is left behind.

10:30-11:30 GST | Lab 1 (Al Shaheen) Climate Action Zone

COP28 Presidency Ministerial Roundtable on Renewables and Energy Efficiency

14:00-15:30 GST | Al Saih Roundtable Room, Blue Zone

Panel: North Sea Transition - Building the world’s first net zero energy super hub

This event will bring together industry leaders, policy makers, and other stakeholders, to delve into key strategies for driving the clean energy transition across the North Sea. Discussions will explore the role of clean technologies, alongside critical efforts to address challenges including supply chains, skills and spatial planning. Finally, Ministers will emphasise the importance of international collaboration between the UK and its neighbours, to foster an enabling environment to unlock new investment and innovation, including at a global level through vehicles such as the Green Grids Initiative.

14:15-15:15 GST | UK Pavilion, Blue Zone

Wednesday 6 December

Implementing a Plan of Action: Investing in Grids as an Energy Transition Enabler (Electricity Transition Playbook launch)

10:00-11:00 GST | Global Renewables Hub

Panel: The Great Grid Upgrade: The role of energy grids in the green economy

The role of Grids is vital to enable the transition to a clean energy future and brings significant benefit and opportunity to the wider economy. A discussion on the innovations and opportunities, and how to maximise these benefits for the whole economy. Hosted by National Grid.

10:15-11:15 GST | UK Pavilion, Blue Zone

Friday 6 December

Panel: Building the Grid of the Future

The energy future is reliant on a grid that is smarter, stronger, and cleaner. Keeping 1.5 degrees in reach will require coordination across the energy system and customer demand-side programs to optimize existing infrastructure. Governments can facilitate the transition through policy and regulatory support that enables building in advance of demand, leverages best practices (including international), secures a trained and skilled workforce, improves siting and permitting processes, and invests in innovation. Given the scope and scale of what is required to meet the needs of the energy transition, collaboration across the public and private sector is vital to our success. Hosted by National Grid.

13:30-14:30 GST | We Mean Business Coalition Pavilion, Blue Zone

Championing rapid energy transitions through effective regulation

This session hosted by RETA will showcase the progress of its flagship projects to date and highlight the importance of considering regulatory processes at the heart of successful energy transition objectives. By focusing on the findings of the RETA flagship project on “Decarbonisation Mandates for Energy Regulators”, the discussion will highlight the challenges faced by regulators in assessing emerging topics in the international policy agenda, such as energy system decarbonisation. Bridging the gap between policy objectives and regulatory implementation, decision makers should also consider key aspects such as energy access disparities and resilience-building mechanisms that account for the disproportionate effect of climate change on vulnerable populations.

See the event overview here.

16:00 – 17:15 GST | IRENA Global Renewables Hub, Blue Zone

See the full list of Climate Compatible Growth programme events here and below.

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